Benedict Van

Monday, October 17, 2005

Benedict Van

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Scammer in California

This platform is created to inform people a super scammer in the bay area. His name is Benedict Van. Here are some details.
- He operates an outfit called ECapital, this is a one-man show. He stole millions (10+) of dollars from the investors in the last few years.
- He has a public-shell worth a few hundred dollars called PeopleNet or Peopleweb and he goes around saying that he would compete with Google or Yahoo.
- This guy is very smooth but can lie to his bone without any hesitation
- You will be sorry to do business with him.

The many lies of Benedict Van (updated Oct 12, 2005)

- He is Vietnamese (sometimes claimed to be something else) and scammed extensively the Vietnamese and Chinese community.
- Claimed to have degrees from Berkeley and Pacific, but none checked out.
- We are checking on his real estate schemes in Southern California in the 90's when investors lost million and millions of dollars.